A downloadable screensavers for Windows

From the depths of paradise comes a bundle of assorted screensavers & a screensaver that launches one of them at random. Made by gentle loving hands just for you.


Screensaver that runs a random screensaver(.scr), .exe or script(.bat) from a folder on your computer. We recommend using the installation wizard but you can also download just the file alone and follow the guide in the FAQ.

Launcher by Maks Loboda, installer by Ash K

⚠ The launcher is known to get incorrectly classified as a virus. We can guarantee that it isn't. Read more about why that happens in the FAQ.


There's 12 of em, some of which then choose a random scene. So you never know what exactly you're gonna return to after a tea break.

⚠ Not all screensavers quit when you touch keyboard or mouse! Try hitting Esc and remember: you can always "Alt+F4" to close them 

Plaster by Jwest

Takes whatever is in your clipboard, text or image, and displays it for all to see.

Tweetcart Gallery by Pancelor

A PICO-8 cartridge which displays one of many animated scenes.

Memories by Namida Sai

A living painting, where shapes swirl and collide.

Bubbles by Anton Klinger

Unlike the default "bubbles" screensaver this one is an audio visualizer and fully interactive!

Prism by John Erg

The crystal ball shows visions of realities not unlike our own.

Dancers by Q1

Dots in a vast field, drifting and dancing.

Battery Acid by aplove

A lot like the original except the game plays itself.

Plasma by forgdeer

A PICO-8 rendition of those plasma ball desk toys.

2001 by Ash K

Crawls across images creating flowing shapes. Feed it from <user>\Pictures\slitscan

Cursors by Ash K

Spawns additional impostor-cursors.

Caleidoscopic shaders by Ash K

A collection of shaders to zone out to.

Chrono by Rollin'Barrel

Clock faces within clock faces within clock faces, ticking.

+ a bonus zine of screensaver propaganda to brainwash yourself and your friends!

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Tagsartgame, Idle, Procedural Generation, screensaver


screensavers & installer & launcher (recommended) 390 MB
propaganda zine 1 MB
screensavers only 354 MB
launcher & installer only 35 MB
launcher only 2 MB
launcher_source_code.go 1 kB

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